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Feb 28

How to Fix Norton Online Backup error?

By admin | Norton Troubleshoot

Fix Norton Online Backup Error – This digital world where you can keep all device connected and enjoy the fastest peering speed has a dark side too. Where people with their malicious content tries to get access to your personal details, bank details, and other important information. Then, they blackmail you and ask for hard-earned money in exchange for information. To protect you from such events, Norton Antivirus, Anti Malware, and other security protocols come o aid.

While using a Norton Product, you may face one or more error, which can totally be fixed by following few troubleshooting steps. You should fix these error as soon as possible to fix these errors. One of these errors is Norton Online Backup Error.

Fix Norton Online Backup Error

How to Fix Norton Online Backup error?

What is Norton Online Backup Error?

“There is a backup problem. Make sure the destination drive or device is connected…”

If you see this written on your screen then this article will help you understand and fix the error. The Possible reasons for the Norton Online Backup Error are:

  • Norton Online Backup is unable to backup one or more files as the file(s) are open.
  • Make sure that all your programs and files are closed before the backup starts.
  • Some applications lock files even when they are minimized to the Notification area.
  • You may also get this error if any of your shared files or folders that are selected for backup are in use.
  • Make sure that any of your shared files or folders that are selected for backup are not in use by any network users.

To fix these errors follow below-mentioned steps and try backing up your data again.

Step 1: Create a New Norton Backup Set

  • Launch your Norton Application on your device. Make sure no other application or file is opened.
  • Go to the Settings option in the Norton Application Window.
  • Hover over the Detailed Settings and click on the Backup Settings.
  • Locate the Manage Backup and click on Configure next to it.
  • Now go to the Summary tab and under the Things, You Can Do, Click on Create new Backup set.
  • Enter the name you want to give to your backup and click OK.
  • Go to the What tab and under Backup Source, add or remove file and document you wish to backup.
  • Under the File Types, check or uncheck the kind or type of files you wish to backup.
  • Go to the Where tab, select the right backup destination.
  • Now, click Save Settings and Run Backup.

It will take a few minutes depending the size of backup to complete the process. Have patience.

Step 2: Delete the Old Norton Backup Set

  • Launch your Norton Application on your device. Make sure no other application or file is opened.
  • Go to the Settings option in the Norton Application Window.
  • Hover over the Detailed Settings and click on the Backup Settings.
  • Locate the Manage Backup and click on Configure next to it.
  • Now go to the Summary tab and under Backup Set Name, select the name of backup you want to delete.
  • Go to the Delete Backup Set under the Things You Can Do.
  • In next Window, Click on Delete Backup Set. It prompted click Yes.

If you are facing any issue while creating or delete the Norton Backup then contact our Customer Support Team. A technician will connect with you and help you with the issue.

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Feb 23

How to use to install norton antivirus?

By admin | Norton Install Install Norton Antivirus – Norton is an antimalware and antivirus software manufactured and sold by Symantec Corporation. Norton has a wide range of products to protect you from virus, trojan, malware, and spyware without using much of your device’s processing power. This is an easy to use antivirus and security software that is praised by many users around the world. They have multiple customized products for personal use as well as business use. Other features included in the product are a personal firewall, email spam filtering, and phishing protection. Install Norton Antivirus

Setup a new Norton Account

Before you start using Norton product, you have to create a Norton account. You can manage all your devices security with this account in case you have multiple device subscriptions. Even for business, you can manage your all your workstations with Norton Account. Norton account comes handy while setting up a new subscription. Follow these steps to set up a new Norton Account.

  • To create a new Norton Account. Go to the official website of Norton on your web browser.
  • Click on the Create an Account button on the screen.
  • Now, fill out the details like your email address, first name, last name, create a secure password, enter the mobile number and finally choose your country.
  • Then click on the Create Account button.
  • You receive an email to verify your account and details. This mail will have a link for verification.
  • Click on this link and verify your details. You have successfully created your Norton Account. Install Norton Antivirus

Install Norton Antivirus using Norton Account

Now that you have successfully created a Norton Account, you just have to buy a Norton product, go to the Norton website and check out different products. Add the desired product to your cart and make payments. Afterwards, you will receive an email with product details and a Product Key. Follow these steps to download and Install Norton Antivirus.

  • Sign in to your Norton account using Email Address and Password.
  • In your account, go to the Norton Setup Window.
  • Here you may able to see all your Norton products.
  • Click on Download Norton adjacent to the product you wish to install.
  • The download will start automatically. Save the setup file on the desktop.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file to run the setup. This may take a few seconds.
  • The User Account Control will appear on your screen. Click Continue.
  • Enter your Product Key and follow on-screen instructions to successfully install the Norton.

Your Norton product is ready to use, protect all your device from threats and stay secure. Congratulations you’re all done with Install Norton Antivirus.

Feb 20 install – Download and Install Norton Product

By admin | Norton Install install – Norton provides world-renowned Antivirus and Security System for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. With Norton, forget all your security issues and browse the world of the internet without any worries. install has a wide range of products to meet all the security requirements of the user.

To install the Norton Product and use it on your device, you first have to purchase the product online or from the retail store. You also need to create a Norton Account using registered Email Id. install – Download and Install Norton Product

Setup Norton Account

  • Firstly, go to the official website of the Norton and click on SIGN IN button.
  • If you already have an account then log in using email id and password.
  • Else, Create an Account by providing email id and phone number and generating a strong & unique password.
  • Then you will receive a verifying email from Norton. Use that email link and get started with your Norton account.
  • Now, you can activate your Norton product using Product key or purchase a new product online. install

Install a New Norton Product

  • Sign to your Norton Account Using Email Address and password.
  • In the Norton Setup Windows, click on enter the Product Key.
  • You may find your product key depending on your method of product purchase.
    • If you purchased your product key from the online store then the product key will be sent to you with an email to the registered id.
    • In case you made the purchase from a third party retail store, then the product will be available at the back of the retail card.
  • Enter this product key in the given box.
  • Follow the on-screen details, read Term and Condition and click Agree and Continue.
  • Now, click on Continue to Download button and download will start automatically.
  • Save this downloaded file on the desktop for the ease of access.
  • Run the downloaded setup file. Follow the installation instructions.
  • Your install product is successfully installed and ready to protect your device.

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